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Solar, Wind, and Hydro Charge Controller

For 24 Volt Systems

24 Volt Charge Controller

Wind or Solar Charge Controller and Diversion Regulator. Our charge controller will automatically disconnect your wind generator or solar array from your batteries when they are full and switch it to another load. This allows you to fully charge your batteries and then make use of the extra power. This form of regulation is required for wind turbines to always keep a load on the generator to prevent over-speeding. This microprocessor controlled charge/diversion regulator offers two charging modes, cycling mode for frequent use and non-cycling for stand-by power. Charging and discharging voltage levels can be default or user set. An optional fan may be connected that will be switched on while charging to remove any explosive gas from the battery enclosure. A relay protection feature prevents rapid, destructive switching of the relay. A heavy load setting bypasses cycling and the relay protection feature to allow quick response to accomodate heavy loads. This controller requires a fuse holder for installation.

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