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Charge Controller

Why do I need a charge controller?

There are many reasons to use a charge controller.

  • It prevents your battery or bank of batteries from overcharging.

  • It switches to a diversion load to keep your wind or water turbine
    from overspeeding and self-destructing

  • Power can be switched to another device like a heating element to
    make use of extra power when your battery or bank is full. This works
    with solar too. Don't just waste that power when batteries are full!

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Can the charge controller be used for anything else?

Yes! The charge controller can be used as a voltage controlled switch as well. This means that the charge controller could be used to turn any device on or off based on the battery voltage.

This could be very useful. With this configuration, you could turn a device on whenever there is enough battery voltage to support it. More importantly, you could turn power off to a device whenever the battery voltage drops below a certain level. This would prevent the batteries from over-discharging. The voltage levels are user selectable.

Since the voltage levels are selectable you could use multiple controllers and have one device switch on after another as the batteries charge. The voltage trip points could be set progressively higher so one device comes on after another. This could be used to give devices priority over one another.

The voltage level for switching on can be set separately from the voltage level for switching off. This means that you could have a device turn on at one voltage level and turn off at another.

On top of all of that versatility, we offer customer support second to none. They can guide you through the wiring process to accomplish whatever you need our controller to do.

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