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Diversion load

A diversion load is a device that consumes power. It's purpose is to regulate a wind or water turbine. It loads the generator when the batteries are full to prevent over-speeding of the blades or water wheel. Our charge controller is capable of switching charging power between your batteries and your diversion load automatically.

There are many options for diversion loads. Here is a list with some pro's and con's for each.

  • Light bulbs    Light bulbs are not recommended simply because they burn out. A site using a light bulb or light bulbs should never be left unattended.

  • Heavy duty resistors    Heavy duty resistors are recommended. They should be rated well above the expected output from your power source. If properly selected, heavy duty resistors make an excellent choice and are reliable. It could be considered a bonus that they give off heat, if you can make use of it.

  • Heating elements    Commercialally made heating elements are available for water or air heaters. They are expensive, but make excellent use of extra power and are reliable.

  • Motors are not recommended.

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