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Night Master™ 12

For 12 Volt Systems

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Night Master™ 12 Photo-controlled switch for Dusk-to-Dawn or Dawn-to-Dusk control.

The Night Master™ 12 controller is an automatic switch that will turn a load on at dusk and off at dawn or on at dawn and off at dusk. The Night Master™ 12 includes selectable low voltage shutoff protection for worry free use. Use the Night Master™ 12 to switch on Navigation or Anchor lights on boats, for automatic courtesy illumination on your RV, or for yard or security lighting or ponds at your home or cabin, as well as any number of other uses. The Night Master™ 12 is a perfect fit for any application that requires a device to be turned on at night and off in the morning or on in the morning and off at night. The Night Master™ 12 uses a mechanical relay for switching and can be used for motor control or fluorescent lighting without any additional switches or relays. Intelligent circuitry ensures reliable operation and prevents unwanted switching from temporary incidental illumination.

The Night Master 12™ with built in LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) will protect your battery investment from a destructive over-discharge condition if enabled. The Night Master™ 12 will constantly monitor your battery and disconnect the attached DC load(s) if voltage drops below an unsafe level. The Night Master™ 12 will directly switch up to a 40 Amp load and can easily be configured to switch much higher loads with the addition of relays or solenoids (sold separately). The Night Master™ 12 is epoxy encapsulated and ready for marine or tropical environments.
Disconnect Voltage is 10.5 Volts Reconnect Voltage is 11 Volts.
Voltage must remain below 10.5 volts for at least 15 seconds before disconnect will occur. Voltage must remain above 11 volts for at least 30 seconds before reconnect will occur.

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