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Small Wind Turbines  

Two easy ways that anybody can use small wind turbines.

  • Use a wind turbine for stand-by power when the grid goes down and to help heat your water

  • Use a wind turbine to power a specific device or devices as an inexpensive way to get started

Let's examine these two options more carefully.

Using a wind turbine for stand-by power and water heating

For clarity, we will take this one step at a time.

Batteries can store power that can be used in the event of a power out. A wind turbine can charge those batteries. When the batteries become full, you can divert the power coming from your wind turbine to help heat your water. The result is a wind powered water heater, and charged batteries in the event of a power out.

Using a wind turbine this way, you can immediately reduce your water heating costs and charge batteries that can get you through a power out. This is not to say that the wind turbine will be capable of "powering" you through a power out. It is however capable of recharging batteries that you draw from during a power out. The number of batteries determines how much power is available during a power out. It may take days to recharge those batteries but eventually it will and then your wind turbine can go back to heating your water. Our charge controller can automatically switch between charging your batteries and heating your water when the batteries are full.

Using a wind turbine to power a specific device or devices

A small wind turbine is a great way to remove a device or multiple devices from the grid. In this case, the wind turbine charges a battery that is dedicated to powering a device or multiple devices. If the turbine puts out more power than your device or devices use, it can be considered to be removed from the grid. As a bonus, whatever you have connected to the battery will always have power, even if there is a power out.

This is a good approach to small wind turbines. Once you have a device or two removed from the grid, you could simply add more wind turbines to cover more and more of your needs. This way, you can grow your system as your needs change.

Free plans to build your own wind turbine. This project requires very little skill and can easily be completed in a weekend once all the parts have been collected.

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